2020-2021 Business Directory & Community Guide

We are happy to announce our continued partnership with Lunar Cow Publishing, a firm specializing in destination marketing, for the production of our annual Business Directory & Community Guide. We are excited about the opportunities this new publication will offer you.

The 2020-2021 San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce Business Directory & Community Guide is our premier promotional piece and it is the first resource that community and business members use to promote
their business.

Participation in the Business Directory & Community Guide has great advantages. 20,000 printed copies of this publication will be distributed in the best locations to help drive traffic to our advertisers and our digital GoGuide® will allow you to reach thousands more. Your advertisement in the digital GoGuide® will be linked to your website, giving readers one-click access to your business.

Please find the 2020-2021 advertisement rates included, which detail your options for participation. If you have any questions or wish to participate as an advertiser in our directory, please contact Sylvia Lopez at the Chamber at 650.401.2440 to learn more on how you can take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your business. We are very excited about the new publication and we look forward to your participation.

Cheryl Angeles
San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce