Cheryl Angeles Announces Retirement

After 10 years leading San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce to promote a vibrant economy, through active leadership advocacy and engagement of the entrepreneurs, businesses and community members we serve, our CEO, Cheryl Angeles, has announced her retirement. Cheryl is the very essence of a good leader – visionary, compassionate, fair, and dedicated to her work. Employees and the business community served by the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce agree that Cheryl went above and beyond in her work to ensure the business and greater community were served in a timely, efficient and productive way. When she was first recruited to join the organization, Cheryl said, “I really want to work some place where I know I can make a difference,” and there is no doubt she has made a tremendous difference.

Cheryl led the organization through some of the most challenging times in its history, and thanks to her leadership, we became a stronger organization: we are a stronger and more fiscally sound organization, we have increased those we are serving in the business community, we have engaged more sponsors who champion the work of the Chamber and we have deepened our partnerships with the cities and allies we collaborate with.

Some of Cheryl’s notable accomplishments include:

  • Launching the first business assistance center in San Mateo County upon executing a six- figure grant with San Mateo County leadership - this was critical to helping small businesses survive and thrive during the pandemic;

  • Supported the redesign of the Chamber’s leadership program, which is in its 31st year and
    boasts an alumni network of 900 graduates countywide;

  • Founded “Women In Action”, a quarterly breakfast for local women business leaders;

  • Initiated the creation of the San Mateo Chamber Foundation, which is the 501c3 charitable giving division of the Chamber;

  • Partnered with San Mateo County who funded the Chamber’s Green Business Certification initiative and work around the Census.

  • Had the vision to engage with partners to ensure Covid-19 testing, vaccinations, and blood drives were available at the most critical time of the crisis;

  • Introduced the Rediscover San Mateo Community Fest and created the largest downtown community event -- the Bacon and Brew Festival.

​The list goes on and on. Needless to say, Cheryl has had an enormous and positive impact on the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce.  

We will miss Cheryl’s warm leadership style, sense of humor and commitment to the community we serve and wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement. Cheryl remains dedicated to the San Mateo community and plans on staying involved in the San Mateo Rotary Club and College of San Mateo’s President’s Advocacy Council.  She also plans to spend time with her 2 grandsons; William and Harrison and traveling as often as she can! Thank you for everything, Cheryl - we will miss you!